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Smart Broker Systems

Smartbroker is the culmination of over 12-years of work which combines both an operating model along with the very best  workflow systems available in the Broker Market today.

Smartbroker is smart. It is also a very simple system providing us with a very important “standard operating environment”. It is very intuitive and simple to train users and new staff.

Smartbroker encapsulates management, processing, rating, and work flow management. These are all important tools required
for active Insurance Brokers to maintain business and grow business. Smartbroker has been designed by our people and built by experts..

Transactions can be e-mailed, shared or parked for follow up or before sending off for processing before being securely and neatly filed in behind the client record.

If you need to catch up on some work, you can do it from anywhere you can log into the system as the majority of work on your desk can be managed through the Smartbroker system.

We will be very happy to discuss this further and go though a demonstration.


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